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​​Squires Resources is a West Australian owned and operated company. We work closely together with our clients on projects, we have the resources and expertise which allows us to provide the outcome our client deserves and expects from us. We are very flexible in solving problems for our clients in helping to bring the outcomes they expect, on-time and on-budget.


Previously Completed Projects

We have over 41 years’ experience working with a range of organisations in remote areas of Western Australia.

These include:


➢ Shire of Murchison

➢ Shire of Sharks Bay

➢ Shire of Cue

➢ Shire of Upper Gascoyne

➢ Main Roads WA

➢ Pilbara Meta Maya Group of Companies (Pia Wadjari Community) and other organisations

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2021 - ongoing
APA Group Oil and Gas Industry. Building Pipeline Camps



Client: APA Group


Approx. Value - $3 million

We are achieving all requirements, with very good feedback of our works

2020 – 2020 We were awarded three packages of work for Murchison Shire.



Client: Shire of Murchison

Approx. Value - $420 Thousand

Achieved all requirements Finished Before Time and On Budget Exceeded Expectations

2020 – 2021 Current Awarded PK 2 Shire of Murchison/Greenfields AGRN 863


Client: Shire of Murchison


Approx. Value - $5.4 million

Achieved all requirements Finished Before Time and On Budget Exceeded Expectations

We have for the past 15 years worked for the Shire of Murchison and Main Roads Western Australia.  On flood damage, in 2005 put the first tracks into Boolardy Station for CSIRO Science Dept then upgraded the tracks in 2007 then on to work with Barry Tumer direct, then through the Shire of Murchison.

In 2009 worked up in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne In the Shire of Murchison, we have been supplying equipment and operators for maintenance grading of roads, flood damage, carting gravel and supplying water trucks for road building.

In 2011 we have been working through the Shire of Murchison for CSIRO on the Beringarra/Pindar road, from Pindar to Boolardy Top Shed a distance of 220 km. The reason was while the ASKAP project was being built at Boolardy there was a huge amount of heavy vehicle traffic on this section of road. (It was never designed for such heavy vehicle movement), so we had two operations going on this road, a sheeting program for the worst sections that wouldn't handle the heavy vehicle traffic at all and a heavy maintenance road crew. Which consisted of Cat grader / semi water truck and a 25 tonne multi wheel roller, there job was to water - grade - roll. There was too much heavy vehicle traffic to dry grade the road We were also on call to mobilise to any section of the road that had a blow-out / problem / or any damage and faults that had to be repaired straight away. So, over this construction period we worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day to maintain the Beringarra/ Pindar Road. We also had relief operators to support our employees.


We have an excellent OHS record, which we believe is due to our commitment to safety.

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